Mold and Human Health

We’re exposed to small amounts of mold when we’re outdoors because mold occurs in the natural environment and it is important to know about mold and human health. The problem arises when it grows indoors and boosts indoor mold levels, which can lead to allergies, headaches, nausea, and other health issues. Different people experience different symptoms when they are exposed to mold. Express Mold Services are here to assist you offering a multitude of mold detection, prevention and remediation services.

Allergies to mold can lead to dangerous symptoms like memory loss, fatigue, or headaches for people with mold allergies. Health risks associated with mold exposure vary from person to person, but mold needs to be addressed effectively in order to maintain a healthy environment.

While some people may be asymptomatic, some individuals may develop symptoms quickly, especially those with existing health conditions, making them more susceptible to mold-related reactions. Therefore, it’s best to enlist professional mold remediation when you detect signs of microbial growth.

Symptoms of Mold Exposure

Mold exposure may cause different signs and symptoms for different people. It is also important to remember that how an individual was exposed to mold affects their health.

• Allergies to molds and their symptoms
• Mold exposure at school or work or living in a house with high levels of mold can cause:
• Inflammation and congestion of the nose
• Intense sneezing
• Watery or itchy eyes
• Having a dry cough
• Dry, sore throat
• Skin rash or scaling
• Shortness of breath, wheezing, or irritation of the lungs
• Focusing problems

Symptoms of mold exposure can progress to asthma and lung diseases, so all microbial growth in your property must be addressed immediately. Review our website today for more information and contact us for prompt service.

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