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Mold is terrible for homes and it is also terrible for your health. If you have seen mold in your Deerfield Beach home, or suspect that you may have mod, don’t wait until it is too late.  Deal with your mold quickly to ensure you get rid of it and to ensure that it does not come back.

Mold causes irreparable damage.  It not only damages your home – walls, floors, carpets – but also it can damage your health. You can usually see mold, and you can smell mold, but not always.  There is mold that you cannot see and this mold is quietly causing havoc to your home and to you. If you are a homeowner, have a mold

remediation Deerfield Beach. It is not expensive and it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

The mold you can see is unmistakable.  It is patchy, usually lurks in darker places that are not exposed to light or don’t dry, and it smells. Mold is often in areas of humidity and moisture – kitchens, bathrooms and basements.  But mold can be anywhere. And mold in Deerfield Beach is particularly prevalent because of the weather.


If you are looking for mold companies Deerfield Beach, do a little research.  Use a company that has good reviews.  You want them to come and do a mold clean up and a mold removal.  A good mold company will come inspecting for mold.  They will quote you to remove the mold, clean up the mold, treat the area and ensure the mold does not come back.

As a home owner you need to also ensure a mold free home for insurance purposes too.  Get on top of your mold issues and don’t ignore them!  Deerfield Beach Mold Inspection is easy, quick and will add value to your home and your health. If you even suspect mold, deal with it immediately.


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Do you Have Mold?

So how do you know if you have mold, you may be asking. Well, these are the most obvious pointers:


  1. You can smell the mold.
  2. You have damp that does not go away.
  3. You have unexplained stains
  4. There are leaks.
  5. You have spots on the walls and ceilings or even on the furniture.
  6. You have allergies.
  7. You have unexplained illnesses or exhaustion.
  8. Again, that weird odor.

Long-term exposure to mold and mold spores could lead to an increase of asthma attacks in those who have asthma already, it could even cause asthma-like symptoms in those that do not have the conditions already. Nonallergic individuals can also suffer from symptoms such irritations of skin eyes and airways.

The most common mold responsible for these symptoms and others is, Black Mold or Stachybotrys, and it produces the mycotoxins that are the main cause for the human reactions. Depending on the person’s health state the reactions could vary from fever to breathing troubles but in people with compromised immune systems, the symptoms could develop into severe infections and chronic difficulty. Unfortunately, the severity of the reaction in allergic and non-allergic people is not predictable due to the varying degrees of health state and related conditions associated with mold problems.


What People Are Saying

First I would like to say that these guys are awesome. Communication was 100%. They were very responsive and they were very professional. The mold in my washroom was so bad they even were able to leave an air purifier for a whole week so that my kids who are very asthmatic would not get sick. They showed a lot of concern for my situation as my negligent neighbor was giving me a hard time and they managed to put some sense in him and everything worked out. After they were done with work there was absolutely no mold and it didn’t smell anymore.

Bruce E.

Deerfield Beach

These guys came out and test the mold we started see growing. After the test completed they recognized a small leak in the pipe behind the bathroom walls. They managed to stop the leak and started the mold removal. There were a few days of drying time and they followed up and came back and cleaned up!!! How awesome was that? Most contractors never clean up! Pls give these guys a raise! 

Peter C.

Deerfield Beach

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