How to reduce humidity in a room


How to reduce humidity in a room

One of the easiest ways to control moisture in a room is to ventilate all appliances which contribute to increased humidity outside. These types of appliances include tumble dryers, heaters, and stoves. You will need to remember that appliance which function on combustion such as heaters and stoves will always produce water. This water vapor which has been produced will automatically increase the amount of moisture in the air unless there is proper ventilation for these appliances.

A quick and easy way to control excess moisture from these appliances is to make use of de-humidifiers or even air-conditioning systems. Many of the more modern stoves are equipped with extractor or exhaust fans which need to be switched on whenever you are cooking to avoid moisture buildup in the kitchen. If you have an older stove, you will need to make sure that you open windows or doors when you are cooking to avoid excess moisture build up in the kitchen. These precautions can also be taken when running a dishwasher. You will quickly be able to see if there is excess moisture in the kitchen by looking at the condensation accumulation on any window in the kitchen.

Recap: How to reduce moisture in a room

There are three easy steps anyone can take to reduce moisture instantly:

  • Ventilation in the room needs to be increased.
  • Make use of fans
  • Raise the temperature of the room

The importance of moisture control

As previously discussed, the most important aspect of preventing the growth and re-growth of molds in any indoor environment is the control of moisture. It is imperative that all water leaks in the house, as well as water spills around the property, are dealt with quickly. Wet and damp materials, as well as leaks and spills, need to be cleaned up within 48 hours. Doing this will dramatically reduce the eventuality of mold growth.

Moisture maintenance

In order to maintain a mold-free environment, there are a few simple steps which can be taken to effectively deal with the possibility of mold growth around the home.

  • Regularly inspect and clean outside gutters. During this process, it is also a great idea to repair any damaged areas on the gutters.
  • Where ever possible ensure that ground slopes lead away from any building foundations. The foundation areas of your property need to be inspected at least once a year. If you notice that ground slopes lead to your foundations these should be remedied as soon as possible. This will prevent the pooling of water and moisture at the base of your property foundations.
  • At least every quarter, you will need to inspect and maintain your air-conditioning systems. During this process, you will need to make sure that drip pans are cleaned and dried. You will also need to make sure that all drain lines from the system are unblocked. At the same time, it is also a good idea to inspect your geyser and its connecting pipes for leaks and breaks. If any are found, they should be repaired immediately.
  • Simple devices such as a moisture meter or humidity meter will assist you in making sure that the moisture and humidity inside your home are kept below 50 percent. These devices are small and relatively inexpensive.
  • Should you notice that moisture has built up on your windows and wall you will need to act fast. Dry the affected area thoroughly. Alternatively, you can open windows to allow the areas to dry off naturally.

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I had an unseen water leak in my basement bathroom.  Once I spotted the issue, I realized I had a big problem. I called Extreme Mold Services that evening and they came the next morning.  They quarantined the area by taping it off completely. The only way in was through a zippered door.  They completely gutted the bathroom and removed the infected materials carefully.  After total demo, they came back to totally scrub down the entire area with special solutions to eradicate the mold. They left several industrial sized dehumidifiers and fans for 5 days to insure the area would dry out. 

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