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If you live in West Palm Beach, chances are you have come across mold.  And if  you haven’t come across mold yet, you are probably going to.  It’s one of the ‘hazards’ of living in an area such as West Palm Beach that is beautiful, hot and sunny, but also moist.  When there is humidity or a lack of fresh air, there is mold.  It is important the you deal with mold before it gets out of control. 

Mold will develop in areas where there may be damp surfaces or little fresh air.  Your home is probably well ventilated and well insulated to deal with all types of weather conditions, but this also makes it susceptible to mold.  When fresh air does not come into a home, mold thrives.  And the problem with mold is that it is not always visible.

A good idea is to have a mold inspection. There are specialist mold repair companies  in West Palm Beach that will come and check out your home and see if you have mold.  When we say mold, we refer to the type of mold that can get out of hand, cause damage to your property or, make you ill.   While some types of mold are good – think penicillin mold – others are dangerous.  House mold is usually dangerous and / or toxic.  It’s bad for your home and it’s bad for your health. This is why cleaning mold is so important and if you suspect you may have mold, you really should undertake a mold remediation. 

In Florida, where there are many new homes, mold is an issue.  Some of these homes are beautifully designed but use materials that do not dry easily. Not only that, they are designed to be super cool and lovely inside, but the can allow the dreaded mold to flourish. Removing mold should be done professionally, especially if you do not want it to keep coming back.  Mold grows quickly and it spreads quickly.  Have a mold inspection, which will also be helpful for your insurance and your health.

When we talk about health in relation to mold issues, we refer mostly to allergies but also to a suppressed immune system and more dangerous, toxicity. If you are anxious about mold, suspect you have it, or want to rule out that you do not have it, get a mold testing done.  They do need to be performed by companies with the right certification and qualifications.

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When to know if you should do a Mold Testing in West Palm Beach


If you are in the West Palm Beach area, these are the things you should look out for.

Any damp areas.


A moldy smell.

Any unusual odor.

Allergies and unexplained illness.

Stains that are unexplained.

You should, as a matter of course, ask for a mold inspection and if mold is found, undertake a mold repair.  It is not worth taking any chances.



What People Are Saying

I can’t speak highly enough about this company. I suspected that there was mold growing in my rental unit. I called on Monday. Moses was out to my West Palm Beach apartment by Tuesday morning. He completed his report for me and had the sample back from the lab by Wednesday. I was impressed by how quickly he was able to respond and turn it all around. His report helped me explain the issues to my management company, to which they agreed to make arrangements for repairs.

Sheilah N.

West Palm Beach

Everyone we dealt with was knowledgeable and professional. They stayed in touch with us throughout the process and answered all of our questions and concerns. We are so pleased with the service we received. Thank you Express Mold Services in Palm Beach

David E.

Palm Beach

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