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Mold Remediation in Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach in Florida is the ideal place to live.  The people and homes are gorgeous and there is great weather and sunny conditions. It is these same conditions that can also create havoc with your homes because these beautiful weather conditions can also create mold.  And mold is not something you want to live with.

If you own a home and suspect you have mold, you should ask for a Pompano Beach mold inspection.  Having a mold cleanup is vital.  Mold can not only damage your home on a permanent basis, it can also damage your health on a permanent basis.  There is mold that you can see, and you should get rid of it immediately.  But there is also mold that you cannot see – although you should be able to smell it – and this is when you need a mold remediation Pompano Beach.

If you are unsure if you have mold, take a look around your home.  Do you have stains that are unexplained?  Are there leaks in your home or just outside?  Do you have damp that you can see creeping up the walls? Are there any weird smells?  Can you just smell the mold?  And also, do you have surfaces that remain damp for longer than they should?  Do you have allergies?  Does anyone in the home have unexplained illness?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, you need a mold clean up.  A good mold company will do Pompano Beach mold inspection quickly and easily, they will determine if you have mold, if you need a mold clean up and will get rid of your mold once and for all. It’s worth it, not just for your health but also for your insurance and general house maintenance.

So what does a mold remediation include?  Well, your mold points will be found using special technology, the damage will be assessed, the contaminated areas will be cleaned, removed, fixed, and the areas will be dried to ensure the mold does not return.

The reason homes in Pompano Beach get mold is because of the damp.  Mold will grow in areas where there is little fresh air.  Many Pompano Beach homes are air conditioned – great for summer, but also great for mold.  We keep the fresh air out and the cool air in.  This is also ideal for mold.  And then there are storms and hurricanes which mold loves.

Get a Pompano Beach mold inspection done.  It’s not expensive and it is worth it.


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What People Are Saying

These guys are always responsive and took initiative to get the work going even before my insurance had followed-up. They were thorough in their work and ensured all possible trace of mold was removed, even from the floor which was not mentioned by the insurance adjuster. They made numerous trips to our place in Pompano Beach to check on the site and complete the mold removal properly. They promised to be the intermediary between myself and insurance and followed through despite push-back due to the extra scope of work and repeated attempts by my insurance and the condo association insurance to not pay the full amount. 

Sharon B.

Deerfield Beach

Express Mold Services Cleaned up the mold we had in our basement. It took a while to get through the process because of the insurance and the amount of mold we had, but they were honest and good to work with!

Vicky K.

Deerfield Beach

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