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Commercial Mold Remediation

If you own a business in Florida and work in a commercial building, you need to check for mold. Many commercial buildings pose health risks to their workers and to the public, and from a point of insurance and legalities, you need to ensure you have done a commercial mold remediation.

Florida properties are at risk of mold, both domestic and commercial properties.  If you are in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach or Palm Beach, you can book your commercial mold inspection right now.

Having mold in your premises is dangerous.  It is not just incredibly damaging for your structure, it is damaging for your health and your employees health.  Mold can lead to severe allergies, respiratory problems, a compromised immune system, exhaustion and illnesses caused by toxicity.  Sometimes, the mold cannot be seen.  This is why it is so important to have a mold inspection for business and to undertake a commercial mold remediation.

The process for mold inspection is pretty simple.  You can give the commercial mold detection and removal services a call and set up an appointment.  They will come over and inspect and assess the building, for both health and safety reasons.  Any mold will be removed, the area will be cleaned, treated and protected and most importantly, mold and the dangers that come with it, will be eliminated.

Mold remediation in any commercial property in Florida is important.  There will be mold – conditions in Florida are perfect for living and working but they are also perfect for mold to flourish.  The heat, the humidity and the additional moisture in the air, are exactly while mold thrives in Florida.  It may look simple to remove mold, but a simple cleaning is not enough.  The actual spores have to be removed, and they have to be removed from the base.  This is why you need a commercial mold expert in Florida.

The areas that get mold, although this is generic, can include – walls, kitchen areas where there are refrigerators, entry ways such as doors and windows when the hot air comes inside, garbage collection areas, carpets and near air conditioning and heating units.  Bathrooms too, because of the lack of ventilation and the moist conditions.

Mold, apart from looking unsightly and stinking, is unhealthy.  If you are a responsible person in the business world, your biggest responsibility is towards your staff.  Staff who sit in buildings with mold are at risk for ill health and you therefore need to ensure you undertake to have a corporate mold inspection.


Mold At Your Work

Commercial Mold Inspection

Another sure sign that you will need to call in a professional to kill mold is when the mold problem you are dealing with has been caused by contaminated water or sewage. You will need the services of a professional in these cases as they will have the right chemicals and experience to ensure that the damaged caused is not spread further and that the mold has no way of entering any water supplies to contaminate other areas of the building.

Effective Building Mold Remediation

From the onset, it is important to note that it will be impossible to completely rid any home of mold as well as mold spores. This is because mold and the resulting mold spores can be found in the dust particles floating around your home. One of the key things you need to remember is that mold spores will not grow if there is no moisture present. In order to effectively control the growth of mold indoors, you will need to control the indoor moisture of your home.

The moment you notice mold growing inside your home and mold in walls or mold on ceilings, you need to make sure that the area is properly cleaned and dried and the cause of the mold attended too. These causes could be either a water leak or the result of a dripping tap if there is mold in the bathroom. Simply cleaning off the mold without attending to the cause of the problem will result in the return of the mold and you will find yourself in a cycle of cleaning and kill mold on a regular basis.

Mold Health symptoms at work

Infrared camera are the top technology in mold detection. It detects water leak and mold growing conditions behind the walls and in the ceilings. The infrared camera allows our mold inspectors to be as accurate as possible in detecting and monitoring the mold infested areas.


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