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As we have previously mentioned, the number one tool you have in combatting the build-up of mold and mildew is the removal of any and all moisture sources in the home. One of the easiest places for moisture to accumulate is in home air ducts. Mold prevention in your home air ducts, as well as the resulting mold remediation, should be conducted by a professional mold company who specialize in mold removal in tight spaces. Entering your home air duct can be dangerous. In determining whether you have a mold problem in these spaces you can conduct a basic home mold inspection.

Before undertaking any mold removal steps, you need to understand that there are several important aspects you need to consider when dealing with mold growth in your cooling or heating systems. There are many areas of your air duct system will not be accessible for a mold inspection. When choosing certified mold inspectors, you need to ask them for proof of the mold once they identify the problem. As homeowners, you need to make sure the substance you are being shown is in fact mold. While many substances may look like mold, you will need a positive identification of the mold. You can do this identification with a home mold test.

The quickest way for mold to grow in an air duct is when the environment is exposed to water. This is especially true for those who have insulated home air duct systems. Once the insulation becomes wet mold will set in quickly and in most cases, the entire insulation of the system would need to be replaced. You will then need to implement effective mold remediation in order to prevent further mold growth. A mold restoration company would be able to effectively be able to ensure that you have conducted the needed repairs to the cause of the leak.

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