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One of the easiest ways to find and eliminate mildew and mold around the house is to become a mold detective. Mildew as well as mold can easily be found one the most exterior walls and also the corner surfaces of indoor locations which are situated in areas of high humidity. One of the most affected areas is room situated on a corner, also known as corner rooms. This is because corner rooms are more likely to be cooler than other adjoining rooms in the house. This also means that these rooms have higher levels of relative humidity or RH.

One of the easiest ways to determine if you have a problem with fluctuating relative humidity levels in a corner room can be determined if you should fin mold and mildew on any of the wall surfaces within the room. This also means that the relative humidity of the rooms adjoining the corner room is exceeding 70%. One of the keys things you need to find out is whether the RH is above 70% because the room has too much moisture or whether the room is too cold. To quickly measure the amount of moisture in any room you will need to measure the RH and the temperature of the room at exactly the same time.

Two important examples:

In the first example, we will look at measurements rated at 30% RH and a temperature of 70F. This measurement was taken in the absolute center of the room. The low RH of the room at the measures temperature shows you that the water vapor pressure in the room is low. In this case, the temperature measurement is the most dominating factor. To control the moisture in this room you will need to increase the overall temperature in the room.

For the second example, we will say that the RH is measured at 50% also with a temperature measurement of 70F. Again, this measurement was taken in the absolute center of the room. With this example, we can see that the higher RH at the same temperature means that there is a higher level of moisture in the air for the room. The increased RH for this room, therefore, means the room can be classified as too moist. Also, in this case, the humidity of the room would be the dominating factor and to rectify this, you will need to control the moisture levels in the room.

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