Mold Inspection and Testing in South Florida

Using cutting edge technology to detect mold and test it


Mold Inspection

Mold inspection is the first step in mold remediation. We offer 100% reading and testing accuracy to our south Florida customers. Living in south Florida whether you are in Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach or Boca Raton the humidity in the air is one of the highest in the country and the risk of mold is higher then anywhere else. This is why you must be sure that the mold inspection is accurate and be trusted.

Mold inspection by a professional mold certified inspectors just as we are, is extremely crucial before the mold remediation starts. Many customers wish to start the remediation process but before we know the extend and and severity of the mold spread this my be a mistake that will cause more damage and require longer mold remediation process.

If the mold remediation process is not handled right and contaminated to a certain area mold spores can airborne to a different location in the house and start spreading there without the home owner’s knowledge resulting a new need for mold remediation.

Therefore, the first step for you as a home or business owner to do is to call us and have one of our certified mold inspectors inspect and test your mold. After the test is complete you will receive a detailed report of the inspection and the inspector will guide you through the report and the measured step needed to remediate the mold.


Why you should have us test and inspect for mold

  • Mold inspection doesn’t just give you a whole picture of the extend of your mold damage but it will also lay down the foundation for the mold remediation process and help us build a detailed mold remediation action plan and estimate the mold remediation cost.
  • Mold inspection will help us determine also if the mold is toxic or non toxic.
  • From our years of experience in mold inspection and remediation what you see is NOT everything. In most cases the mold has spread behind the wall and only professional mold inspection can properly detect it.

Mold Tech

Mold inspection equipment we use

Moisture Meter

Main cause for mold is high moisture, and as some one who lives in Broward county or Palm Beach county you probably know that we have lots of humid in the air. High moisture levels in certain areas can help us also detect if there is a hidden leak or a water damage problem that has caused the mold and we were not aware of it. Fixing the cause of the mold will be the first step for the actual remediation.


Borescope is used to detect mold in areas which are hard for us to reach. Borescope can be flexible and rigid and is used often during mold inspections here in south Florida.

Infrared Camera

Infrared camera are the top technology in mold detection. It detects water leak and mold growing conditions behind the walls and in the ceilings. The infrared camera allows our mold inspectors to be as accurate as possible in detecting and monitoring the mold infested areas.


All our technology devices are meant to assist us in detecting and testing your mold so you and your family can sleep at night knowing you are in good hands.

Mold Reading

Mold Testing Results

Mold testing report can be confusing to someone who does not now about mold or know how to read the mold toxicity report.

Our mold inspection technicians will be happy to go over each line on the report with you and explain to you what are the required safety levels and which ones we need to take precaution for and start the remediation process.

*All Mold testing is performed by a third party company. 


What People Are Saying

The female mold technician that can out to our house was very friendly, and she took her time inspecting all the areas we thought we might have mold in. She inspected other areas as well and we found that we had more mold than we thought. After the remediation process we noticed that she was spot on and all the areas that she said that we had mold in were actually infected. Very professional!!

Janet T.

Ft. Lauderdale

The mold inspector came out to our house after we made the appointment over the phone. Very polite and my wife and her took it off from there. She advised on a couple of step that need to be done but our condition wasn’t that bad and I my wife and I were very happy with her honesty. We decided to do the small mold remediation she offered and now we are mold free.

Rafael B. dafa

Boca Raton

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