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We Handle Mold remediation insurance claims

We have been doing it for years and are extremely experienced with dealing with insurance companies. We handle the majority of the insurance paperwork so you won’t have to worry about it and we can even bill the insurance companies directly. All the insurance companies accept us as an authorized contractor to take care of all your mold requirements from A to Z. We take pride of our hassle free mold remediation process and our customer service team will make sure we escort you all the way back to a mold free safe home for you and your family

Why Express Mold Services

When dealing with mold and the health repercussions of your family members, you want to deal with someone you can trust. Our professional mold specialists are trained and certified and we perform mold testing throughout the whole process in order to make sure we are being extremely careful in removing mold, treating your family as if it was our own.


We handle 100% off the mold remediation process

With over 20 years in the field and combined experience of over 45 years our team is equipped on take care of your mold remediation problem from the initial phone call to completing the job with your 100% satisfactory. We know how to assess the damage correctly and take the right measures to control the mold spread and secure your home from further damage. At this point we start the mold clean up and we use proper steps to ensure your mold has been remediated.

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Mold Inspection and Testing


  • Verifying the Mold growth type

  • Determining the extent of Mold contamination

  • Finding the Mold source

  • Creating a Mold remediation work plan

  • Preventing recurrence


Fast Response

Dealing with mold, mildew or bacteria in the walls, floor or ceiling time is an essence especially in our south Florida humid weather and fast action must be taken to prevent increasing problem.

We usually respond to a quote request email within minutes and schedule the initial inspection within hours. We understand that time is an essence when dealing with mold remediation and cleanup and we respect your needs.

We only us the best technology

We use cutting edge technology that allows us to easily detect hidden mold and ensure the removal of all the mold weather it is seen or unseen. We do not need to tear down a wall to inspect for mold hidden in the walls.

Our thermal imaging device which is the state of the art in mold inspection and detection is allowing us to discover mold growth areas without seeing them visually. This technology gives us the ability to complete the mold remediation process to your full satisfaction.

We're passionate about what we do

From our office staff to our technician and management we all believe that fresh mold free air is important not just for our health but also for our well being.

If you choose us to be the company to inspect or clean your mold, you will find friendly staff which are here to help and not pushy sales people who only see dollar signs.

Our integrity is a must for us and we must at all times hold on to brand we created.

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What is Mold

We can find mold spores traveling through the air and in house dust in almost every house. When the mold spores land on an indoor wet spot they begin growing on and feed of it. Water and moisture help the mold survive and the thrive in moisture areas. Mold usually grow on wood, food, carpets and even paper.


Mold Prevention

Best way to prevent mold is to take care of moisture ASAP. If you had a leak in the house or any other water problem it might be address immediately. If you see that the mold is starting to form you must take action in order to save you a lot of worries, headaches and money. Most people neglect the mold and it spreads fast behind the walls.


Mold and Health

Mold has the potential to cause health problems. Mold produces allergen, irritants and in some very severe cases it may produce mycotoxins which is a toxic substance. Individuals who are allergic to mold can react to touching or inhaling mold. Allergic reactions may include symptoms such as fever, sneezing rash on skin and irritated eyes.


When is it over?

Most people think that once they take care of the mold the problem will be over but the most important thing is to fix the problem that caused the mold in the first place. Either it was an AC or roof leak, sewage backup or any other problem which caused the high humidity or water source in your home this must be the first thing on your mind

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Express Mold Services is one phone call away from solving your Mold problem. Our mold experienced office staff are standing by the phone and ready to schedule your mold inspection. We are your one stop shop for all your Mold remediation needs and you will not have to deal with anyone else.

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What People Are Saying

We remodeled our master bath last year.  we discovered that one of the new plumbing fixtures had burst and we had a mold issue going on.  I was so upset, we had saved up to finally have the bathroom of our dreams and now it was going to be tore up.  Express Mold Services came over and came up with some creative ways to minimize the amount of damage that would need to be done to correct the issue. team was professional and friendly from start to finish and we also felt they were extremely fair in their pricing.

Jennifer R

As a real estate professional in Ft. Lauderdale Express Mold Services is my go to for any mold issues. They are highly skilled, clean, professional, thorough and take the up most care with myself and my clients. I highly recommend!!!

Roy B.

I’ve got five words to say:  Thank you Extreme Mold Services ! Ok, not a great poet, but I’ would like to give a massive thanks their crew members were professional, courteous, and constantly staying on top of the job and keeping me in the loop. Very proactive, letting me know what work was to be done, time frames, and ready to step in each time we needed the next part of the job done. I was never guessing where we were, or how long it would take, really pleased with this guys.

Donald L.

Highly recommend Express Mold Services. Worked with them on a few occasions in Boca projects and everyone was very professional and showed up on time. They thoroughly answered all our questions and helped us to feel comfortable in resolving our mold problem.

Leonard P.

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