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Areas which are prone to mold build-up include highly absorbent areas and materials which are porous. This includes carpets, carpeting materials, and ceiling tiles. Many of these materials would need to be thrown away once they become moldy. Mold becomes difficult or even nearly impossible to remove completely because the mold will fill areas with the porous materials. In the most conducive environments mold can grow quickly and will soon fill empty spaces.

It is important to lessen exposure to mold by both yourself and those around you. In trying to do this it is important to not caulk or paint over moldy surfaces. In order to properly treat moldy surfaces, it is vital that you first clean the area of all molds and make sure that the surface you want to work on has completely dried. Not following the proper procedures can lead to you paint peeling.

Should you wish to treat an area or items which have significant sentimental value and find yourself unsure of how to go about this, you may want to think about consulting a mold specialist to conduct an mold inspection and for additional assistance. By doing searches in local directories you will quickly be able to find a specialist who deals in cleaning and repairing mold on furniture. These specialists will also be able to assist with the restoration of items which have been left damaged due to mold and the conservation of antique items which are prone to damage from mold.  It is important to always ask for contactable references when dealing with anyone who claims to have knowledge of the restoration of mold-damaged furniture.


Mold Articles

Cleaning air ducts

  (855) 673- MOLD (6653)Air Duct Mold in the air duct As we have previously mentioned, the number one tool you have in combatting the build-up of mold and mildew is the removal of any and all moisture sources in the home. One of the easiest places for moisture to...

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Why Mold grows

(855) 673- MOLD (6653)Grow Why Mold Grows? Mold is a natural occurrence and they are naturally widely available in any environment.  In outdoor environments, molds play a vital role in breaking down dead organic matter such as fallen trees and leaves. In indoor...

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How to prevent mold in your home

(855) 673- MOLD (6653)Prevention Preventing Mold The most effective way to prevent mold in the home is to control the moisture in your home. Although you can not prevent mold 100% you can vastly reduce the suitable conditions for the growth of mold by controlling the...

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Mold Vs. Mildew

(855) 673- MOLD (6653)Mildew Is there a difference between mildew and mold? There is, in fact, a difference between mold and mildew. Mildew is a term used to refer to specific types of fungus and molds. It is also generically used to refer to the growth of mold on a...

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Does Mold have a smell

(855) 673- MOLD (6653)Smell Does Mold Smell? You may have heard someone mention that a room or building has a moldy smell. This is because several of the components of mold has the ability to produce strong smells. These smells can be quite volatile when they are...

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Everything you need to know about Biocides

(855) 673- MOLD (6653)Biocides Everything you need to know about Biocides Biocides are designed to destroy living organisms. A great example of a biocide is chlorine-based bleach which can be effectively used to kill organisms which make up mold. When making use of...

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How to reduce Humidity in a room

(855) 673- MOLD (6653)Humidity How to reduce humidity in a room One of the easiest ways to control moisture in a room is to ventilate all appliances which contribute to increased humidity outside. These types of appliances include tumble dryers, heaters, and stoves....

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Inspect for Mold

(855) 673- MOLD (6653)Inspect DYI Mold inspectionOne of the easiest ways to find and eliminate mildew and mold around the house is to become a mold detective. Mildew as well as mold can easily be found one the most exterior walls and also the corner surfaces of indoor...

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